10 December 2008


I want to write in English.. it’s tough and takes time but if I not practice and try my best I will not be improved right. Huhu hmm what I want to say haa..hmm..don’t know la.. hmm.. how’s your eiduladha..me.. something I get even the surrounding is not really eiduladha I mean.. I was not see the qurban ceremony neither involve.. but what I get is total comprehension about qurban from my eldest brother..he is like a ustaz in my family because he is studying in Islamic field. What else.. I went to village one day before eiduladha.. when it have been long time I have not see my relatives.. last eidulfitri I have just four days to celebrate then I have went to back to college..no chance to gathering with relatives. shy at first but meaningful gathered at last.. Alhamdulillah.. hmm I am the person will shy or feel weird if too long not gathered even to my friend..so always quite..will say when people asked. Not good isn’it?

Afternoon eiduladha we were to Melaka..mahkota parade.. not for shopping just walking,window shopping ke orang cakap ntahla I seldom for outing, my untie used this reason to encourage my mom to joined. in car we saw other masjid so grand celebrate qurban, still not finish do qurban when time was after zohor still many people there.. not like my village’s masjid not did ibadah qurban this year because no one do it.. my bro said the villager’s son salary RM10 000 but not did ibadah qurban.. qurban worship hukumnya melebihi sunat muakad..ibadah sunat tapi sunat yang amat dituntut. I asked my eldest bro non-stop to get comprehension about qurban..first why nabi ibrahim and his son nabi ismail were asked to do qurban..why people were asked to do qurban.. so meaningful answered I got. ..qurban means get yourself close to Allah.

..In car..listening to IKIM.fm radio..about qurban talks..and eid takbir recites..

Went to Melaka CIty is too long journey from my village at alor gajah,Melaka. Long journey and long traffic jam when arrived there, it’s like K.L’s traffic jam, and Melaka is familiar with narrow road, many visitors came there.. even eiduladha.. my second bro said, this was the last time for him came to Melaka City..really hate thing to him.. traffic jam and too hard to get car park..full o..

hmm I try relate qurban with my big problem lazy to read.. I have so many interesting book but I still have not finish read it..always read at the early and stop..and when I want to continue reading.. I have lost the early memory about the book ( can you wonder how long I have been stop reading the book until lost memory hmm it seem I have to start read again from beginning huwaaaAA ) I want to change my bad habit really bad habit.. I wonder is so lucky if I love reading at the young age.. so many things I will know.. my friend ever said, what the benefit that you won’t get if you read, tell me.. no one answered.. see..it’s truth what she said. I still trying..

At this moment..what do you find out about my English..comment me if you want me improved in English just in writing o.. not for speaking yet ..my speaking is worse than writing...other people good in speaking but bad in writing. Is really good if we excellent in all. I cannot write so long..but it’s long already..end of story hehe.. thank you for your companionship.

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nurul ain anuar said...

at the moment, im thinking of our beloved madam maryam. do u miss her like i do? hehe.
the situation that forced us to speak spontaneously..
uhh pls, i dun wanna be the next victim..
pls no.. u noe what i mean rite?